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Focus Area required
 s rest

Pallof Press Hold

Key Points:

  • Adjust cable to just lower than chest height, hold the grip and step across.
  • Press the handle away from your torso until your arms are extended.
  • Hold for the desired amount of time.

Common Mistakes:

  • Allowing the torso to sway.
  • Setting the cable too high or low.
  • Not full extending the arms.

Where you should 'feel it':

Primary Muscles:
Abs, Obliques
Secondary Muscles:
Muscle diagram with the following muscles highlighted Abs, Obliques,

Similar Exercises

Adjust the cable to be aligned with the lower chest then hold onto the grip with both hands and take a couple of steps across. The side of your body should be facing the machine.

With your core braced, start by pressing the handle away from your body, once your arms are fully extended hold this position. Keep your torso straight and still throughout. Hold for the desired amount of time.

Avoid allowing your torso to sway.

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